AcroYoga attracts like minded individuals. The Academies have been running since 2016, where the students see the same people with a structured 2 hour lesson each week. Followed by a monthly practice and social. It's become a very cosy AcroYoga Family and is the highlight of our week.

The main reason for introducing the Academy was that we were not seeing students progress fast enough or attain their capabilities. This has been due to the chaotic nature of drop in classes (they have to support a wide range of capabilities and a shifting population of students).

The Academy will take you through inspiring sequences and flows whilst learning the Art of AcroYoga with foundations. The Academy dives deeper and uplevels your practice, unleashes your creativity, whilst developing skill and allows space for your individual take on AcroYoga.


Since COVID and social distancing we will only work with couples and partnerships. Our studio is over two floors so we have downsized sessions. If you are an individual wanting to join, get in touch and we will pop you onto a waiting list.



LEVEL 1 & 2

Learning the foundations is fundamental to be part of the academy. Our beginner & foundation courses/intensives refine the art and understanding of AcroYoga. All AcroYoga students progress through a tiered syllabus with beginners first progressing to level 1. The syllabus is designed to develop your skills and practice in a structured progressive manner. Due to recovering from COVID, we are restricting entry with small intensives and online tuition to learn foundations.



If you have put the time into AcroYoga and have great foundation skills we'd love to hear from you! Our entry level for the Academy is 3, with an understanding of Level 4 Sequence. It's important to us that your are on the same page to our progressional syllabus. 

Our current and most advanced students are working on Level 9 within the syllabus. With an ever growing and evolving syllabus the progressions suit from beginners to Intermediate/Advanced level.



The Academy continues to grow in skill, friendships and laughter. We all love what we do. After getting to know you and your ability, we will recommend the right session for you.


  • 2 hour sessions per week with AcroYoga trained teachers in an intimate class setting
  • Monthly practice and social
  • 20% (on Workshops and trainings)
  • Guidance on your progression


T O M   B E M

Co Founder

With over 10 years of teaching within the National Curriculum, a leading mentor for teachers in education and a passion for teaching the yogas, Tom is a natural teacher and facilitator.

With over a thousand hours of yoga teaching experience to his name across the UK and Europe, Tom is well known for his beautiful and intricate flows as well as his full bodied explanations and rich progressions.

Tom is dedicated to inspire, challenge and help students realise their full potential in AcroYoga whilst creating a playful and safe atmosphere.

P I P   E L Y S I U M

Co Founder

Pip Elyisum is an internationally recognised AcroYoga teacher, trained ballet dancer and performer. She’s been featured in Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine, The Telegraph, The Metro, London Evening Standard and is one of London's top teachers for Wanderlust. 

When not travelling abroad for Teacher Trainings & Retreats, Pip is a Yoga Teacher, Dancer & Facilitator for London's Leading AcroYoga Studio & Events, School of AcroYoga.

Pip brings the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line (dance) to the demonstration of AcroYoga. 


I did a quick taster session last summer. And after only 2 hours I was hooked. They are great teachers and what they do is truly inspirational. After my taster I did a weekend workshop, which just proved to me how much I enjoyed learning AcroYoga. 

The amazing academy then made it possible to learn at an outstanding rate. Each week noticing huge improvements. The community of people they created adds to the improvement with everybody being so supportive. If anybody is on the fence about joining I HIGHLY recommend it.

These guys will knock your socks off, their passion for acroyoga is beyond compare and your practice will take off in no time... (bases included)



I joined the Academy in September after a 6 weeks? course and this was a start of an amazing acroyoga journey with so many amazing people and great acroyoga teachers.

I have observed great progress not only of my own practice, but of the whole group.

Hand to hand doesn't seem to be a great deal anymore and what seemed to be impossible is now a bread and butter of my practice. I got seriously addicted to acroyoga



I started acroyoga in September last year after watching a short youtube video. I found them on the internet and contacted them immediately to express my interest in their work.

I joined the Academy soon after and I'm with them ever since. At every session I'm leaving the class feeling amazed with my progress.

 I got to know many wonderful people. We all feel connected on a very deep level and genuinely support each other in our practice. I hope that you come and see it for yourself



Kula Kriya is a versatile space just a 10 minute walk from Old Kent Road Tube station, Hoxton Station and a 10 minute walk from Old Street Underground.

Split over 2 floors ground and lower ground, the space has a remarkable amount of light from large windows.

With a kitchen and shower facilities, this space is perfect for intensive working.

The ground floor is 100 sqm, has beautiful exposed brick walls, mixed with complimentary white

painted details. The lower ground floor is 112sqm with mostly bright white walls and has padded flooring laid for users comfort.