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Has separation from loved ones caused you to question whether you have taken things for granted in the past? Has it evoked a sense of gratitude and appreciation for them?

Connection between loved ones during these challenging times has never been more important.


Pip Elysium and Tom Bem created this performance titled ‘Connection’ before isolation began to explore, express and depict their passion for the union that their art creates. Even more poignant now that Pip and Tom are apart.

Yoga is often a facilitator in encouraging the deeper connection one makes with oneself, whereas AcroYoga can facilitate connection within partnership. Having been practising together for just over a year, Pip and Tom see their connection as a sacred bond.

Pip, a classically trained ballet dancer, and Tom, a performing music artist, describe ‘Connection’ as their representation of union between their arts and their relationship.

J O I N   O U R   T R I B E