Pip Elysium and Tom Bem are a dedicated acroyoga partnership and co-founders of School of AcroYoga. Creating and teaching out of their central London studio, Pip and Tom pride themselves on being London's leading AcroYoga Duo.

School of AcroYoga is committed to providing excellence in their Teacher Training, Academy, Courses & Workshops, Online & Offline following their Syllabus. School of AcroYoga  is  a location based in London, in between Hoxton, Shoreditch and Old Street. A fully equipped studio with matted floor, crash mats and a light space to work in. 

W H A T ' S    O N

Y O U R    A T - H O M E    S T U D I O

Now it's time to bring areas of your life into focus.

The 108 Academy monthly membership is a space for you to show up, to grow, to take time for yourself through the power of movement of Handstands, Mobility & Flexibility.

We believe every person deserves to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life doing the things they love. This is why we must take time for ourselves first. 

This is a space for you to grow your handstand practice, your flexibility and splits, find consistency and passion, meet others on the same path and to grow.

S P L I T S   S E R I E S  (Online Portal)

This splits programme is designed to help you get the most out of your journey. It is important for you to know your abilities and capabilities which will help you to go further and deeper into this programme. We all have to start somewhere, enjoy the process. Splits is not always a quick fix, so it is important to be patient, allow consistency and time to do the magic. 

H A N D S T A N D   S E R I E S  (Online Portal)

In this handstand series we deliver effective and innovative techniques and drills which helps you on your path to a handstand journey. This series will cover; foundations of a straight-line handstand, entries such as kicking up and tucking up. This guide is a great place to start no matter where you are in your handstand practice delivering the technique you need to help further your practice. 

A C R O Y O G A   S U M M E R   S C H O O L

AcroYoga Summer School is back in London! 16th - 19th July 2020. 3.5 Days of bliss and productive training, Lbase, Hand to Hand and a beautiful sequence to learn, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL.

The Summer School unleashes your creativity, whilst developing skill and allows space for your individual take on AcroYoga. We always end the summer school with a beautiful Photoshoot & Flash Mob in a fun setting.

Tom Bem & Pip Elysium, are the Co-founders of School Of AcroYoga and founding of the AcroYoga Studio in Old Street. We like to think we inspire people to follow their bliss by creating art whilst discovering things they didn't think were possible.  AcroYoga is an art form, something wonderful not only the partners practicing it but also to those who witness it.